Thursday May 16th, 2013 @ 6:30 PM
Graham Swor and Michael Nero
Lone Star College - Montgomery ()

Messaging over HTTP has become an integral aspect of our collective user experience as we interact with applications that affect our daily lives. From Facebook to Google docs to online help desk applications, real-time messaging is no longer a neat trick, but an expected component of browser, mobile, and desktop applications for today’s users.

This session will cover SignalR, a sophisticated, open-source web-messaging framework designed to make real-time messaging across multiple clients painless. We will cover the various techniques that have been employed over the years to achieve real-time communication over HTTP along with the challenges of each in order to showcase the elegance of SignalR by comparison.

From there, Michael Nero will showcase some SignalR features in practice, as well as show some advanced usages of SignalR through an engaging SignalR demonstration designed to push the limitations of browser-based clients.

Sample code

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