Dependency Inversion Principle

Wednesday November 18th, 2009 @ 12:00 AM
Harry Nystrom
Lone Star College - Montgomery

In this talk Harry will discuss the Dependency Inversion Principle, an extremely important element of any application with any degree of complexity, where high cohesion and loose coupling of components is vital.  He will define the principle and explain how it is implemented.  He will then present two illustrative examples.  The first will show how it may be implemented when using Microsoft’s new Prism framework.  The second will show how to go about implementing it in a legacy application.

Harry Nystrom

Harry Nystrom has held many positions, both technical and managerial, over his 35-plus years in the IT industry. In 1996 he began his own consulting/contracting business, and has been specializing in Microsoft .NET application design and development for the last seven years. He holds the MCSD .NET certification, and is the leader of the Houston Advanced C# Special Interest Group, which meets monthly at the Houston Microsoft sales office.