Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Wednesday January 20th, 2010 @ 12:00 AM
Zain Naboulsi
Lone Star College - Montgomery

Most of us use Visual Studio but do we really know how to USE it? Come to this session with Zain Naboulsi as we look at the top tips and tricks that can jet propel your use of your IDE. Marvel at simple editor features that you never think about all the way to arcane registry hacks that you can use to improve your programming experience.

Zain Naboulsi

For over 15 years Zain has been teaching and consulting on the latest Microsoft technologies. He’s been a Consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1995. He is the current purveyor of Visual Studio Tips and Tricks as well as the creator of Online Community Evangelism; which is an effort to build communities in virtual places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and OpenSim. He is not only a proponent of the community aspect of online environments but also is a supporter of the myriad business applications that these new mediums offer.

Zain’s efforts have been featured by eWeek, Redmond Developer News, and many others. He has been interviewed by Forrester Research, ThinkBalm, UgoTrade, Gartner, and the Science Channel for his work with online communities. He is a frequent speaker at events in LinkedIn, Facebook, ReactionGrid, and other online venues. Zain also lectures world-wide on a variety of topics.

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