RavenDB Up and Running

Wednesday April 17th, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
Alonso Robles
Lone Star College - Montgomery

This session introduces you to RavenDB, a transactional open source 2nd generation document database written in .NET. You’ll learn hands on how RavenDB makes development easier for .NET developers. You will understand what a document database is. You will discover the power behind flexible data models. You will learn the basic concepts. You will know how to get RavenDB up and running.

Alonso Robles

Alonso Robles is a husband and a father and is currently a Principal Consultant at Headspring, a leading software development company. He has developed numerous .NET solutions over the last decade for companies in many industries including finance, insurance, biotech, entertainment, manufacturing, education, technology, and even local government. He has always been interested in machine learning and large data sets and has spent most of his time in the past few years working projects with NoSQL implementations.

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