Iteration 0: Setting up Onion Architecture for distributed systems using NServiceBus and Continuous Integration

Wednesday September 18th, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
Jeffery Palermo
Lone Star College - Montgomery

Onion Architecture is an architectural pattern for keeping libraries and dependencies on the extremities of a software system while building a strong and cohesive system core. Distributed systems like those that leverage NServiceBus and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products have characteristics that challenge layering principles of non-distributed systems. This session will show how to properly structure and layer a .Net/C# software system that makes use of Onion Architecture, NServiceBus, and ASP.NET MVC. The target audience for this session is: C#, architect, senior engineer, team leads/lead developers.

Jeffery Palermo

Jeffrey Palermo is a Managing Partner & CEO of Clear Measure, Inc., a custom software company in Austin, TX. At Clear Measure, Jeffrey manages the custom software practice which includes new system development, legacy system upgrades, audits, consulting, training, and professional services. Many businesses rely on custom software, and he helps it work better and deliver more value.

Before that, Jeffrey was President/COO of a nationally-recognized software engineering firm. Jeffrey has been recognized by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) since 2006.

He has spoken and facilitated at industry conferences such as VSLive, DevTeach, the Microsoft MVP Summit, various ALT.NET conferences, and Microsoft Tech Ed. He also speaks to user groups around the country as part of the INETA Speakers’ Bureau. A graduate of Texas A&M University and the Jack Welch Management Institute, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran, Jeffrey holds too many certifications to list, has published many magazine articles , and he has written three editions of his book.

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