Test driving Azure Search and DocumentDB

Wednesday December 17th, 2014 @ 12:00 AM
Andrew Siemer
Spring Creek BBQ - Woodlands

I cover the basics of setting up Microsoft Azure Search and DocumentDB in your Azure environment. Then we will see how to generate and load data into both. From there I will walk you through an example car listings web site that demonstrates a search first (Azure Search) navigation experience backed by a NOSQL (DocumentDB) data store. By the end of this talk you will walk away with a fair understanding of how to set up and configure Azure Search and DocumentDB for your applications. You will learn how to use faceted searches to deliver the best search results for your users. And you will learn how to include a NOSQL implementation into your application as well as when to choose it over a relational database.

Andrew Siemer

Farmer at Friendly Pastures. Software consultant at Siemer for Hire. Random dude at AndrewSiemer.com. Author of 3 books published by Packt Publishing. Self publishing author of two books in progress at LeanPub.

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