Journey to Containers

A Success Story! Experience Report and Discussion

Thursday September 21st, 2023 @ 5:30 PM
Peter Seale
SmartDraw Software


“Summary: We did it. We upgraded a large Windows/.NET Framework monolith to run on linux containers in Azure Kubernetes Service, and in the process simplified our infrastructure, improved security, and cut out the majority of our (significant!) compute spend. And that was over two years ago! Let’s hop through each step of the process and talk through the what, the why, and what we’d do differently in 2023 (notably: Azure Container Apps). And yes, we blundered, and I’ll talk through some of the blunders. I have almost no shame, so the stories should be good…as long as there’s no permanent recording of this talk.”

“Most of all, I’m hoping to hear from you on your own journey—so bring questions and share your own experience report! I will happily cede time during the presentation to anyone else who is willing to compare notes!”

“Giving credit: I will make several references to this excellent article that mirrors our experience, and I highly recommend anyone considering a migration to containers in Azure read it:”

Food / Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided! Please contact us (on meetup) if you have any dietary restrictions/food allergies.

Directions and Parking Instructions

Meeting will be held in the offices of SmartDraw Software, 1780 Hughes Landing Blvd #1100 on the 11th floor.

Enter through the main doors of the building and take the elevator to the 11th floor; the door to SmartDraw’s suite is in the elevator lobby on the 11th floor.

If you arrive at 1780 Hughes Landing after 6pm a member of the SmartDraw team will help you enter the building then travel up to the 11th floor.


Park in the garage directly opposite. You’ll need to take a ticket to enter but there is no fee to leave - parking is free.

Peter Seale

Peter Seale is an experienced developer working for Improving (we have clients in the Woodlands!). He hails from faraway Westchase, and spends most of his days struggling with distributed systems.

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