Low Ceremony Event Sourcing and CQRS with the Critter Stack

Thursday November 16th, 2023 @ 5:30 PM
Jeremy Miller
SmartDraw Software


“Many people are scared of the potential complexity and difficulty in starting with an Event Sourcing and CQRS technical strategy.”

“Fear not though, the “Critter Stack” is here to provide a very low code ceremony approach to using Event Sourcing as your persistence strategy within a larger CQRS architecture. Using a combination of the Postgresql-backed Marten (https://martendb.io) library for event sourcing and its newer friend Wolverine (https://wolverine.netlify.app) for command handling and asynchronous messaging, I’ll show you how you can quickly get started with both CQRS and Event Sourcing. Once we get past the quick start, I’ll show you how the Critter Stack’s unique approach to the “Decider” pattern will help you create robust command handlers with very little code ceremony while still enjoying easy testability.”

“Moving beyond basic command handling into the realm of “grown up” systems development, we’ll dive into how the critter stack supports effective test automation, built in telemetry, and even manages to provide high performance and scalable systems.”

Food / Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided! Please contact us (on meetup) if you have any dietary restrictions/food allergies.

Directions and Parking Instructions

Meeting will be held in the offices of SmartDraw Software, 1780 Hughes Landing Blvd #1100 on the 11th floor.

Enter through the main doors of the building and take the elevator to the 11th floor; the door to SmartDraw’s suite is in the elevator lobby on the 11th floor.

If you arrive at 1780 Hughes Landing after 6pm a member of the SmartDraw team will help you enter the building then travel up to the 11th floor.


Park in the garage directly opposite. You’ll need to take a ticket to enter but there is no fee to leave - parking is free.

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller started his career as a “real” engineer but wandered into software because that looked like more fun. Since then, Jeremy has worked in and led software development teams in the computer manufacturing industry, finance, insurance, health care, and banking industries. Lately, Jeremy has been focused on leading software architecture teams and helping mentor other software architects. Having had roles both as an in-house software architect and as a software consultant, Jeremy has a great deal of insight into the challenges that confront companies developing and maintaining enterprise systems over time.

Jeremy is well known for his Open-Source Software tools starting with Structure Map and continuing today to Marten and Wolverine. Jeremy is also a frequent author and technical speaker at software conferences. Jeremy recently helped found JasperFx Software to build a sustainable business around the “Critter Stack” tools.

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