Resilient Unit Testing - Going beyond Arrange, Act, Assert

Thursday March 21st, 2024 @ 5:30 PM
Robyn Fuentes
SmartDraw Software


“Unit testing and TDD are designed to save time for the developers and testers while also reducing the risk of accidental bugs while implementing change. Yet, most teams either don’t use unit tests or found that they take more time than they save. But this doesn’t have to be your experience, and this session is going to cover the role of a unit test, how to build them to last, and other hidden benefits you can find along the way.”

“Come join as we crack open the code and discover a world beyond arrange, act, and assert.”

Food / Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided! Please contact us (on meetup) if you have any dietary restrictions/food allergies.

Directions and Parking Instructions

Meeting will be held in the offices of SmartDraw Software, 1780 Hughes Landing Blvd #1100 on the 11th floor.

Enter through the main doors of the building and take the elevator to the 11th floor; the door to SmartDraw’s suite is in the elevator lobby on the 11th floor.

If you arrive at 1780 Hughes Landing after 6pm, a member of the SmartDraw team will help you enter then building then travel up to the 11th floor.


Park in the garage directly opposite. You’ll need to take a ticket to enter but there is no fee to leave - parking is free.

Robyn Fuentes

“Robyn Fuentes is a VP of Consulting at Improving and specializes in helping companies leverage technology to enable greater business success. Robyn has expertise in applying technology in a wide range of industries, including Energy, Transportation, Health Care, eCommerce, Accounting, Mortgage, and more, giving her a unique perspective on the upcoming technology trends and business solutions. Today, in addition to her role in leading Improving’s Houston enterprise, Robyn leads initiatives that impact over 1700 people, personally coaches over 20 people, and speaks publicly to help others find a path to their goals in leadership. Outside of the office, her passions include sports, music, volunteering, and traveling the world.”

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