Eric Burcham

I like finding better ways to do things or to help people out. “Good enough” never feels like “good enough.” I consider myself good at helping people see the good in themselves, and the list of people I have mentored would seem to agree. I have former employees, some younger, some older, that now work for, Blizzard entertainment, Microsoft, Google, CodeSmith Tools, Blockdot, Amazon, and Globys. I consider myself an “in the trenches” kind of worker. The world needs Scott Hanselman, Brady Gaster, Jon Skeet, and other world-class evangelists to promote cool things and educate people. It also needs people getting their hands dirty, cutting code, staying up until 4:00 AM to squeeze the last bit of performance out of that cool thing, and taking care of one another on a day-to-day basis. I fall squarely into that latter group.

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