Tony Cardella

I am a husband, a father, software developer, and coach. I have over 10 years experience in software development. As a software developer, my work has mostly been .NET Framework based in the oil & gas and energy & utility verticals. I have developed web applications using ASP.NET and desktop applications using WPF/XAML. More recently, I have been focused on mobile development using Windows Universal applications and Xamarin Forms. I have also done some cloud development using Windows Azure (Storage, Websites, SQL, and cloud services).

In addition to software development being my profession, I also consider it a hobby and work on small side projects that let me explore and learn new technologies.

Aside from working, I am actively involved in the sport of powerlifting as a coach, referee, and a competition director. As a coach, I’ve worked with lifters at the local, national, and international levels. As a competitor, I am a world champion (2007) and my best lifts in a competition have been an 859lbs squat, a 622lbs bench press, an 826lbs deadlift, and my best total was 2254lbs.

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